What it a mistake?

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Back in The 90's me and my group did A Adventure from Imagine Magazine Issue 5 and the reward that you get had us puzzled. Was it a mistake?

In the adventure if you return the princess alive and unharmed then the male member of the group that has the highest Ch is allowed to marry her and will 1 day be king

The puzzling part was that my group was using The Rules for Social Class and Status from Imagine Magazine Issue 11

As a result of rolling on The Table for Social Class  the male member of the group that has the highest Ch was A Thief whose parents were former slaves and the male member of the group that had the lowest Ch was A Magic User whose parents were both Counts. How is that possible?

My opinion on how it was possible is that by the time Issue 11 came out The People that wrote Imagine Magazine had either forgotten that 1 of The Pcs could end up marring A Princess or they thought that the odds of 1 Pc being the child of A Very Senior Noble were so low that it would never happen

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