How can her players characters survive with A Foe as powerful as their greatest

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Before Carona started a friend of mine had been doing a very long 4th edition WFRP Campaign and when Carona's all over she hopes to restart the campaign, but The Pcs Greatest Foe is very powerful, very dangerous, very influential and very rich, how can her players characters survive with A Foe as powerful as their greatest

Her players greatest foe is A Warhammer RPG Version of The Mask from The Fighting Fantasy Gamebook Spellbreaker

At the time her players first bested him he was A Rank 3 Outlaw, but that was almost 12 years ago

In total his career track is Rank 3 Smuggler-Rank 3 Thief-Rank 4 Outlaw-Rank 1 Noble

The reason that he became A Rank 1 Noble despite being A Rank 4 Outlaw is because arranged a attempt to Murder The Elector Count of Stirland, but it was never intended to succeed and he deliberately set it up so he could save the life of The Elector Count of Stirland

He/The Mask, saved the life of The Elector Count of Stirland and as a reward not only was The Mask and all of his followers given full pardons The Mask was also given The Title of Senior Baron

Truth be told he is now The ruler of A massive Outlaw Domain, which makes him The Greatest Outlaw King that ever lived

He commands a total of 2 dozen Groups of Outlaws, he also commands the loyal of a fairly large number of our enemies, he has a total of 1,142 followers and he uses them to make A force of 1 1,000 Strong Regiment, 1 100 Strong Company, 1 34 Strong Platoon and 1 8 Strong Squad

As well as which he has managed to acquire rulership of A Gigantic Outlaw Domain and his domains civilian population are all too scared to even think about going to the authorities

That Gigantic Outlaw Domain has since become A Very Large Barony

In his Outlaw Domain are 34 large Farms, 22 fairly large Farming Communities, 9 fairly large sized Villages, 4 small villages, 4 very large Fishing Communities, 2 Tiny Town’s and The slightly smaller then normal Fortified Tower were he lives

Roughly 2 years ago he acquired 5 very large mining communities, 5 very large logging communities, 3 fairly large Villages and 1 decent sized Farming Community, that increases the population by 1,923 and that earns him another 5,542 Gold Coins per year

He uses 76% of his total earnings to employ A Group of 384 Corrupt Watchment that consist of 312 Rank 1 Watchmen, 53 Rank 2 Watchmen, 14 Rank 3 Watchmen and 5 Rank 4 Watchmen


Including the new editions The Masks Domain has a civilian population of 6,393 adult males, 4,773  adult females, 3,219 female children and 2,747 boy children

His Army of Followers

His 451 lesser followers

237 Rank 1 Outlaws, 103 Rank 1 Healers, 52 Rank 1 Watchmen, 41 Rank 1 Smugglers and 18 Rank 1 Outlawed Boatmen

His 384 corrupt Watchmen

312 Rank 1 Watchmen, 53 Rank 2 Watchmen, 14 Rank 3 Watchmen and 5 Rank 4 Watchmen

His 102 Greater followers

46 Rank 2 Outlaws, 23 Rank 2 Priests of Ranalds, 19 Rank 2 Wizards and 14 Regular(?) Rank 3 Outlaws that are all a lot weaker then normal

His 101 Healers

35 Rank 1, 15 Rank 2 and 4 Rank 3 Apothecaries, 17 Rank 1, 7 Rank 2 and 2 Rank 3 Nuns, 14 Rank 1, 5 Rank 2 and 2 Rank 3 Physicians

His 20 lieutenants

6 Rank 3 Priests of Ranald, 4 Rank 3 Wizards, 4 Rank 3 Protagonists, 4 Rank 3 Outlaw that are both a lot stronger then normal, 1 Rank 4 Priest of Ranald and 1 Rank 4 Wizard

Those from 2 groups of enemies of ours that have joined him, but they aren't loyal to him and never will be, they're only working with him to get revenge on The Pcs

The 40 from group 1

11 Rank 1 Corrupt Watchmen, 8 Rank 1 Thieves, 5 Rank 1 Smugglers 5 Rank 1 Corrupt Lawyers, 4 Rank 1 Corrupt Boatmen, 2 Rank 2 Protagonists, 2 Rank 1 Outlaw, 2 Rank 1 corrupt Burghers and 1 Rank 1 Slayer

The 44 from group 2

30 Rank 1 Pirates, 8 Rank 1 Outlaws, 3 Rank 2 Pirates, 1 Rank 3 Pirate/always illegal version of Boatmen), 1 sentient Cyclops and 1 Rank 3 Smuggler

More info on some of his underlings

The Priest of Ranald is A actually A Priestess that's fallen in love with The Guy and she genuinely believes she can persuade him to stop all this looting, pillaging, raiding and murder

The other Priests and Priestess of Ranald are followers of the main 1 and are loyal to her, not to the mask

The Wizard is also female and she's A Childhood friend of The Mask, she didn't know he's A Outlaw, he gave her A Bit of Jewellery that he said was a gift but its actually magical and it lets him control her

The others Wizards are Apprentices, followers and subordinates of the main 1, trusted her judgement and they are also controlled by bits of magical Jewellery

As for his large number of followers roughly 68% are controlled by similiar bits of magical Jewellery, roughly 29% are getting paid and the other 3% are former enemies of my groups that are working with him to get revenge on us

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    It sounds like the Guy has a lot going on, so one answer is he's just too involved in higher level things to care about dealing with the PCs personally.  Maybe he assigns the job of dealing with the PCs to an inept minor lieutenant, who then underestimates the PCs.  And the lieutenant doesn't want to report to the Guy that he failed to take care of the PCs, so the lieutenant lies or covers it up until the PCs come to the Guy's attention again.

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