Adding New Wiki Page with Chrome

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  • stumblewyk
    Posts: 21
    When using Google Chrome v1.0.154.36, there's a little bug where the "add new wiki" page will load and assume you want to type in bold, adding an asterisk (*) into the Public field. From then on, no matter what key you hit, or how many times you unclick the "B" icon in Textile, it inserts another asterisk.

    For now, I've been able to circumvent the issue by saving the page, and then editing it, where I can enter data into the Public field normally.

    Admittedly, it's a fairly trivial bug, and one only a very few users would likely ever encounter, so I understand that it's unlikely to be fixed any time soon, if at all. I just wanted to let you guys know it existed.

    Thanks for the site, your hard work, and keep it up!
  • the8bitdeity
    Posts: 6
    I get this same issue on Apple's Safari.
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