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So, I frequently want to change the names of my posted adventure logs. 

Full context: my campaign uses a lot of flashbacks and I usually prefer to post the logs in in-game chronological order. Whenever my group plays out a new flashback, there is a new log to insert into between older ones. I also organize my logs into a TV season-like format, with the "season" and "episode number" included in their name. Sometimes I also change my mind about which logs work best under which "season."

However, it's not currently possible to rename posted adventure logs. I can change the title, but not the actual url, like is possible with character pages, so I have to delete and re-create the page whenever I want it to have a new url. Otherwise, I run into weirdness like a "season 12, episode six" log having the url for "season 11, episode 12" when there actually is a separate "season 11, episode 12" log.

I have a LOT of logs, and players leave comments on most of them that I want to preserve, so I have to repost those too whenever I delete and re-upload logs. The last time I did so en masse, with ~20 or so logs, it took almost all day. Being able to simply rename a posted log's url in addition to its title would cut down significantly on that workload and make me much happier to tinker with the order of posted logs, as right now the amount of work makes doing so prohibitive. 

Any chance we might see a feature like this?

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  • thaen
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    Thanks for the Feature Request!

    And thanks for providing the context.  That really helps!

    Another member recently requested a similar ability/function for the Wiki Pages.

    No promises on when it will get done, but I've got it on the list.

    Obsidian Portal Developer

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