What should my brother do?


My brother lives with our parents, has been doing A 4th edition Warhammer Roleplaying Campaign were both our mother and our father control 3 players, but he wants to bring back a major villlain but that's A Problem. What should he do?

The adventure he appeared in had the players deal with A 4th edition Warhammer Fantasy RPG version of The Mask from The Fighting Fantasy Gamebook Spellbreaker and he got caught but he escaped and wants revenge

As a bit of background we faked Alive not Dead Warrants, met up with his followers, gained their and later his trust and much later infiltrated his gang with 8 of our allies, we bided our time, when the time was right we betrayed them, we captured them, we did it by drugging them they tying them up then turning them in

My brother was planning for our parents/The Players to locate The Outlaws, get away from them then either get The Authorities or lure them into a trap by the authorities, The Mask was designed to be far to strong for the to even be able to survive a fight,  but my brother had forgotten that his parents characters had taken Kurts during Night of Blood, they still had them and they used them

I think it worth mentioning that the reason The Outlaws so much loot, all of which our Parents characters got, is cos my brother GM figured that our parents would  be lucky if their players even got half of it

Its made worse by the fact that we were supposed to help capture them by gaining their trust then leading them into A Ambush, which means that whilst he only acquired Rank 4 42 days ago our Pcs are only approximately % of the way through Rank 2

More info on The Mask

Info on The Mask

At the time we captured him The Mask was A Rank 3 Outlaw that within The last 42 days he has become A Rank 4 Outlaw

To be exact at the time we defeated him he was within a maximum of 6.3 weeks he'd be A Rank 4 Outlaw, we just delayed by 14 months

That is because he'd been planning this for almost 10 years, he was very close to becoming A Rank 4 Outlaw and if everything went to plan then within 400 hours of him completing The Rank 3 Outlaw Career he'd become ruler of  A sizeable Outlaw Domain, which would make him A Outlaw King

He only escaped from Prison after just over 14 months inside, which means he escaped roughly 10 months

In the end we only delayed him becoming A Rank 4 Outlaw, he's now A Rank 4 Outlaw, he rules A  A sizeable Outlaw Domain, commands a total of 6 Groups of Outlaws and has enough followers to make A force of 1 100 strong Company, 1 30 Strong Platoon and 1 5 Strong Squad

As well as which he has managed to acquire rulership of sizeable Outlaw Domain and his domains civilian population are all too scared to even think about going to the authorities

In his Outlaw Domain are 16 large Farms, 8 fairly large Farming Communities, 2 fairly small sized Villages and The slightly smaller then normal Fortified Tower were he lives


The Masks Domain has a civilian population of 784 adult males, 767 adult females, 493 female children and 429 boy children

His Army of Followers

His 89 lesser followers

57 Rank 1 Outlaws, 14 Rank 1 Healers, 9 Rank 1 Watchmen and 9 Rank 1 Smugglers

His 23 Greater followers

11 Rank 2 Outlaws, 4 Rank 2 Priests of Ranalds, 4 Rank 2 Wizards and 4 Regular(?) Rank 3 Outlaws that are all a lot weaker then normal

His 4 lieutenants

1 Rank 3 Priest of Ranald, 1 Rank 3 Wizard, 1 Rank 3 Protagonist and 1 Rank 3 Outlaw that is a lot stronger then normal

19 enemies of ours that have joined him, but they aren't loyal to him and never will be, they're only working with him to get revenge on The Pcs

6 Rank 1 Corrupt Watchmen, 4 Rank 1 Thieves, 4 Rank 1 Smugglers, 2 Rank 2 Protagonists, 1 Rank 1 Outlaw, 1 Rank 1 Burgher and 1 Rank 1 Slayer

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