Import from DND Beyond?


Do any of the existing DND5e character sheets have the ability to import from DND Beyond like the 4e character sheet imports from the old character builder?


  • thaen
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    I don't think any of the DND5e character sheets have that ability.  BUT you can "Export to PDF" the DNDBeyond character, and that will give you a pdf link like this:

    And then you can "host" that in a Character Description, with html like this:

    <div class='oembed'><a href=''></a></div>;

    In a quick test I just did, it didn't seem that the PDF updates to show any changes made to the DNDBeyond Character after the Export.  So you would need to "re-export" the Character and update the link to update it on OP.


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  • Keryth987
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    D&D Beyond, Hero Lab, and just plain editable PDF sheets are what my group has been using since almost day 1 here. DSTs, honestly, are too clunky. The media Embed makes it pretty easy to use pdfs, as long as they are online eithe ron the site itself or hosted somewhere else (as with D&D Beyond)

  • raynbow
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    Ok, thanks I'll take a look at the PDFs, although I do like the DSTs, I guess DND Beyond doesn't really have  way to export to anything a DST could use.

  • thaen
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    @raynbow, it appears that there is a JSON listing of a character that you can pull from dndbeyond, which could be pulled into a DST via the JavaScript and then displayed.  Here's an example character that I found referenced in an importer on GitHub:

    Here's the GitHub project (I don't know anything about it):

    So if someone wanted to do the work of creating a DST that could display that data, that's totally feasible.

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