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I can't see anything related to this...

We use to play in some communities, or clubs.

That means we have some tools like Discord, old forums, etc. to share some adventure logs or just have a nice chat between us.

Obsidial Portal is really nice to share all those kinds of things, campaign related but the question is, would it be possible to have something to share at community level ?

That would mean we could create linked campains with same players (but not same PC etc.). This could be public, or be "semi private".

This would suppose having some rights management etc.

I know this seems complicated, but I never found any campaign portal or manager which does this.

Either we have to do with things like slack, teams, drive etc.and this does well the "community things", either we use websites like Obsidian portal which does well the "rpg things" but not the community things...

Maybe some people devised of some workaround I don't know, but I think that would be great to have some "community plan" somewhere.


  • thaen
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    You could create a Campaign that is just that "Community Level" ... and not an actual "playing Campaign".  With an Ascendant membership you'd have the Campaign Forums there, and then you could invite any Players you wanted.  And if you wanted to share items from other Campaigns (that were also Ascendant), but didn't want those public, you could use the Friends privacy settings.  And you can promote your "community members" to be Co-GMs of the "Community Level" Campaign.

    This is actually something we do for OP itself.  We have a private "Campaign" that we use as a place to house all of our internal discussions.

    If that doesn't meet what you're thinking, let me know what still missing.

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  • UselessTriviaMan
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    There are numerous campaigns here that have done exactly what you're describing, @FenrisLoup. Two examples:

    Tales from Mystara

    Living World of Verum


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  • DungeonMasterLoki
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    My own campaign series uses this approach. There is a central hub and then each sub-game has it's own OP. See links in my sig

    Planejammer Panopticon: Central Hub for the Planejammer Campaign Series

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  • FenrisLoup
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    Thanks, this is food for thoughs. Thaen solution seems nice. So we can imagine some people having ascendant account if they wish, not ascendant if they won't want privacy (and an ascendant for the community).

    Thanks for the examples.

  • twiggyleaf
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