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A friend of mine created A Lone Wolf RPG that combines both the best parts of The RPG and the best parts of The Books, but he's unable to run a campaign he planned to and has persuaded me to do it, once Carona's over of course, but 3 of his unique are going to be troublesome. What should I do?

Me and his, now my, player will be doing RPG versions of Books 21+

1 is that his character has A 30% chance to start with A Item that's fairly Rare but very useful, he passed The Roll and started with A Nigumu-sa Leather Purse which lets you hold 10 Gold Coins more then your normal purse does, which means it can hold 60 Gold Coins

1 is that The Character of his Solo Players character has A 1% chance of starting with 2 minor magic items, he rolled A 1 and his character starts with 2 minor magic items

1 is A Greater Pouch of Plenty, this doesn’t count against my limit on Special Items and it gives him up to 10 Gold Coins per day. but any he doesn't use are lost

Another is A Tele-Crate, that doesn’t count against my limit on Special Items, I can put anything I want in it and it sends the stuff to The Kai Monastery were its safe, but I can’t access it until I return their

The other rule is tables The GM made for determining the characters family and The Players character ended up with 1 wealthy Herbalists for parents and this has 2 benefits

1 is that he automatically start every Book with 29 Gold Coins

The other is that after every Book he gets either 2 doses of something like Lamuwort or 1 dose of something like Lamuspur or Alether or things such as Ormaldo that have different names but the same effects

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    I'm not completely following.  Can you draw the line between these items/abilities and how they are going to be troublesome?

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