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Hey all, I've beena a member for a long time, but also haven't used the site in a long time, and everything has changed since last time I've used it.  It looks great, but I have a question.

I want to show my players an example campaign, but I'd like to search based on a few things to find one.  I see the filters on the campaigns page, but I don't see just a plain old search.  Is there one?



  • twiggyleaf
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    Hi @raynbow, The  SEARCH tab on the top black bar is not great for finding campaigns, but you can also go to the CAMPAIGNS tab on the same bar and use the dropdown for ALL CAMPAIGNS.  That will give you ordered pages with about nine campaigns per page.  You should be able to easily find the example campaigns you are looking for, if you use that method.



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    @raynbow, let me know what the few things are that you're wanting to search for and I can try to help.

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  • raynbow
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    thank you, i eventually figured out how to filter it by game system and that helped alot, i got what i needed!

  • thaen
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