Looking for a few games (WoD, Cod, Exalted, PBTA, etc)


Hello all,  I’m a long time roleplayer.  

The thing is I’ve been struggling to find games as of late,  it’s just hard.  My old playbypost stomping grounds are dead,  LARP well,  that’s still iffy in this day and age,  and to be honest my tabletop group was drifting apart pre pandemic.

So,  I’m looking for a game!

I do prefer playbypost without a serious schedule because I’ll be honest my schedule can be a bit all over the place.  I can generally get a few hours a day to post,  but,  when is kinda of the hard part.  To go further with that, I don't do voice it’s just not something I enjoy. It’s just something I’ve never enjoyed,  I just like straight up text play.

I play a lot of game.  My big ones are the world of darkness and chronicles of darkness. In the world of darkness I have a preference for werewolves,  and I’m not a huge fan of mage.  In chronicles I’m more adaptable,  but I have wanted to try some of the less used systems.  I’ve developed an interest in the powered by the apocalypse games, and I’ve been wanting to try out Monsterhearts, but I'm willing to try out just about any system.  

I’ve also been quite interested in trying out exalted 3E,  though, I’d like to play a lunar over a solar.  And then there’s a game called nightbane!

I’ll be honest I’m just looking to have a little fun during the day and get involved in the hobby again.  

So,  if anyone is interested in having me as a player, please, please, please get in contact with me. 

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