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Hello to anyone who may use the map feature a lot!

I have 2 questions about map pins:

1) when creating a marker there are two text boxes Title and Marker Text. When I put stuff in the text box Title, I cannot seeit show up anywhere. For example, the screenshot featured ( should have the Title 1234, but it does not show. Does it go nowhere or appear somewhere else or do I need to do something specific?

2) In this particular example I was linking to an adventure log which has a . in the name. At the time I did not think it would be a problem, however now I see that it breaks the link. :( Is there a way around this, short of renaming the adventure log to not have a dot? (whill a - also break the link?)



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  • thaen
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    If you hover over the map marker for a short bit (but don't click), the title shows up.  It may not be a useful field for the effect you're going for.  (You can't see my mouse pointer in the screenshot, but I'm hovering over the map marker ...)



    For the link ... you can use a textile link with the url, instead of the inserted link.

    "Episode 19.2":/adventure-log/episode-192

    Using dashes instead of dots would work too, and won't break the "insert link" feature.


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    thanks Thaen! Now I just have to dream up a cool thing to do with the tool tip!

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