If it happened in a actual Drinax Campaign what would happen?

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Last night I had A Dream in which The Pcs did Shadows of Sindal then Pirates of Drinax, they came up with A Plan, they pulled it off and in the end The Drinax part of Campaign lasted less then 19 years

It resulted in Drinax not only controlling every world in The entire Trojan Reach that's not loyal to either The Imperium or Hierate and even obliterated The Glorious Empire

They also drove The Aslan from The Trojan Reach and made it so that it would be another 2,843 years before any Aslan that are either unfriendly or hostile would even dare try to threaten The Trojan Reach. But I want to know something. If it happened in a actual Drinax Campaign what would happen?

In The Dream The Pcs got The Bio-Weapon in Shadows of Sindal, then they did Pirates of Drinax up until they did Adventure 5 and got The 24 Nuclear Torpedoes and The 24 Plague Torpedoes then they had Tech-World, The Scholars Tower, The Strend and The Floranni work on A TL 17 prototype sentinent disease that was part-Biological, part Chemical, part Part, part Disease and part Nuclear

Not only would it only effect Aslan that had either unfriendly or hostile intentions, it wouldn't effect Aslan that were either friendly Traders passing through or Diplomats going to either Drinax or The Imperium or Mercenaries that wanted to either fight for Drinax or were just passing through

The scariest thing is that Aslan that were either unfriendly or hostile couldn't avoid it by staying in their ship or ships and that's because with the disease normally being available at the very low end of TL 17 but being A Prototype that was build at the very low end of TL 15 merely jumping into A System infected with it would kill Aslan that were either unfriendly or hostile

So The Pcs tested it on The Glorious Empire, the results were A Nation that had existed for more then 2 millenium being wiped out in less then 3 months

That's how Drinax ended up controlling every system in the entire Trojan Reach that's not loyal to The Imperium or The Hierate, causing the extinction of every Aslan in The Glorious Empire and ensuring that no Aslan that had either hostile or unfriendly intentions would even dare to consider even trying to enter The Trojan Reach in close to well over 2 and a half millenium

Even better is that in theory meant they had made it so that it would be another 2,843 years before The Hierate would again threaten The Trojan Reach

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  • Orcwart
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    Hello. Sorry to bother you but just noticed this is a Traveller campaign. Do you use the Mongoose Dynamic character sheet template? If so, how do you edit it? I've not found an answer to this anywhere.


    Thanks for your time.

  • jmisthe08
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    It happened in A Traveler Dream not A Traveler Campaign and I wanted to know what people think would happen to Drinax and The Characters if it happened in A Traveler Campaign

  • thaen
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    @Orcwart, welcome!

    Which "Mongoose Dynamic character sheet template" do you use?


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  • jmisthe08
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    You may find it hard to believe but I've been doing Moongoose Traveller since only a few weeks after it first came out but I've never used A Mongoose Dynamic character sheet template and i can't remember if, prior to you mentioning it, I'd ever heard of The Mongoose Dynamic character sheet template

    Also the question was about something that happened in A Pirates of Drinax Dream and what you think would happen to The Pcs and Drinax if what happened in the dream happened in A actual Pirates of Drinax Campaign<
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