Against A Drinax as strong as this 1 is how could The Imperium possibly win?

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Until Carona started A Cousin of mine had been doing A Pirates of Drinax Campaign that stopped when Carona started, he's hoping to restart it once Carona's over

But he has a problem and this is mainly because due to him being a first time GM he wasn't aware that in any other campaign The Imperium would have dealt with Drinax at least 228.3 years ago. So what he and I want to know is against A Drinax as strong as this 1 is how could The Imperium possibly win?

The Campaign lasted almost 6.8 real years and almost 335 in-game years and the reason its lasted that long is by doing  generations. Its lasted 11 30 year generations, recentely started the 12th generation and in generations 2 to 12 The 5 Pcs are the children of The 5 Pcs from The Prior Generation

In that time Drinax has managed to conquer The Former Empires that were known once known as The Floranni, The Strend Cluster, The Belgardian Sojournate, The Meghan Consortium, The Senlis Feodorate and The Glorious Empire

They have unofficially allied with The Zhodanni, Vagr, Hivers and 2 Minor and 1 Major new Races that my cousin created and by pardoning and officially condoning The Actions of every member of The 5 massive Criminal Empires mentioned in Scoundral they've also gained their support of those 5 Massive Criminal Empires

Drinax has also conqured 26 minor Aslan Clans, using The Psionic Abilities of The Zhodanni they have managed to make The 3 weakest major Aslan Clans betray The Hierate and join Drinax and within the last 50 years Drinax has begun expanding into regions known as The Sword Worlds, The Spineward March's, The Deneb Sector and 3 other Sectors that I've forgot the name

In total Drinax controls 1,597 Worlds that are spread across 1,572 Systems, 42 Subsectors and 7 Sectors and Drinax commands almost almost 1,057,900 Ships that consists of 1,044,571 Regular Ships that range from 100 tons to 38,000 tons and 13,316 Capital Ships that range from 60,000 tons to 228,000 tons

Also I apologise for previously postinf slightly incorrect info, my cousin sent me A E-Mail with the correct info 2 hours ago but I only read it a few minutes ago. Sorry

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