Do you think these deals were good enough?

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I've just found my notes on First Pirates of Drinax, I remember that I wrote down the deals that got planets to side with Drinax but not any that didn't. Here's the deals. Do you think these deals were good enough?. Also I've now remembered a few that I initially forgot

1's that I believed with guaranteed to work

Inurin and Sperle provide Food, Bryni provides ships, ship-yards and soldiers, Tech-World gets 4 300 ton  1 100 ton, 1 200 ton, 1 400 ton and 1 500 ships that The Pcs base at Wildemann will build, Drinax, Neumann and Tech-World provide Tech, Falcon, Albe and Neuman provide workforce's for all the planets, Wildeman gets A Small but fully functional Class-B Starport, Simok gets the civil-war ended, its rulers fertility restored and avoids The Imperiums wrath and Acrid and Argona provide the materials and miners and are also freed from The PRQ's tyranny and are protected from reprisals by The PRQ

Deals that I figured were almost guaranteed to work

Kteiroa's Ruler gets enough Land on Asim to make him A Social Scale 12/Territory 12 Semi-Greater Noble and his youngest son becomes A Social Scale 7/Territory 7 Semi-Greater Land Owner, Ogma's Raiders get pardons for the piracy they've done, on Chalchiuticu we relieve population pressures, stabilize the economy, end a food crisis and help them get a decent navy, Albe gets the food they desperately need, their population pressure removed, Caraz gets relieved of most of its excess population abd both Caraz and Chalchiuticu get home for their surplus people that's safe, secure and stable place for their surplus people on Chalchiuticu

Deals that I figured had a very high chance of working

Pandora by arranging for the treatment to save the life of its rulers daughter, Salif and Palindrome by arranging for the treatment to save the lives of their rulers, Hilfer by spending Cr 2 million of Water reclamation, Paal by giving them Cr 8 million worth of Luxury Goods,  Inurin by agreeing for them to be giving a lucrative contract that deals in the buying, selling and exporting of Sarna that will net the planet at least Cr 526,000,000 a year, Paal by killing The Monsters in its biggest Ruby Mine then setting up A Massive Mining operation that will net both Paal and The Pcs at least Cr 67,000,000 profit a year and Torpol, Clarke, The Planet Traefar that’s in The Same System as Torpol and Blue by giving them enough protection to guarantee they will never again be threatened by Raider

Deals that I figured were almost guaranteed to fail but The Pcs succeeded

Drinax gained Cordan by ending the hostilities between The 3 Barons and they form a 3 way rulership, the way that works is that each decade is divided into 4 periods of 2 and a half years, during periods 1 to 3 1's the Prime Minister, 1's the ruler and 1 commands The Army and Navy, every time a new period starts The Barons swap roles and for The 4th period The planets ruled by A Civilian Controlled Government

Planets that joined us because of deals that were you help defend us from our enemies and we help protect you from your enemies and all of these took 3 years

The 11 worlds of The Belgardian Sojournate, The 4 Worlds of The Meghan Consortium, The 3 Worlds of The Senlis Feodorate and Tyokh after we helped The Crime Lord known as The Alley Cat get elected President and the protection is in 3 forms, 1's for Tyokh as A Planet, 1's for The Alley Cat as Tyokhs Ruler and The 3rd's for The Alley Cat as A Crime Lord

Deals involving some form of corrupt dealings

On Arunissir arranged for 1 Aslan Noble to win trials by combat the we rigged, he now rules Arunissir and allied it with Drinax, on Exocet, Scaladon and Lilgan helped A Corrupt Politician by rigging the election, they now rule their world and all 3 allied with Drinax, on Boulder helped them get the mining info they needed and in return for protect from reprisals by The Wildeman Mining Consortium they joined Drinax and on Exe used Drinax's influence to have The 396 people at The Space Station to win elections that will give them positions of power in Exe and also have The Head of The Station elected ruler of Exe

Drinax gained The Alliance of The Zhodanni World of Pa'an and did so by allowing agreeing to the following deals and concessions

The 1st is that Drinax will allow it to be a part of both Drinax and The Zhodanni Consulate

Drinax also agrees to give Pa'an protection from The Imperial Authorities and to protect them from the kinds of criminals that target Psionics

Drinax has also agreed that all Psions, not just Zhodani Psions, within The Boundaries of  Drinax have to be registered both with and registered on Pa'an


Drinax has also agreed that the only facilities that are within the boundaries of Drinax that are legally allowed to train Psions are those that are within The Pa'an Star-System

As it was both my first Drinax Campaign and my 1st campaign using Mongoose Traveller I had no idea how powerful a lot of ships are and let Drinax either acquire, earn or buy a lot more ships then I should that were also a lot bigger then was wise

They netted A Regional Navy of 1,504 Ships that range from 100 tons to 1,000 tons, A Starguard of 105 Ships that range from 100 tons to 2,000 tons, Ogmas 212 Ships that range from 100 tons to 800 tons and Tech-Worlds 8 Ships that range from 100 tons to 500 tons

In case you are wondering about The Players Fleet how many Ships The Pcs had or their exact mass, but I do remember they had at least 6 Ships, that smallest massed at least 200 tons and the biggest massed at least 4,400 tons

As well as which The 11 worlds of The Belgardian Sojournate had 146 Ships that range from 100 tons to 1,100 tons and both The 4 Worlds of The Meghan Consortium, The 3 Worlds of The Senlis Feodorate had 54  Ships range from 100 tons to 500 tons

The daftest thing of all was that I didn't have a clue how powerful Capital Ships were and let The Pcs persuade Drinax to buy 1 Carrier, 1 Cruiser and 1 Destroyer type Capital Ships, all massing 45,000 tons

Even though buying them  almost completely emptied every bank in Drinax the reason Drinax could afford them was because all 4 were old, battered, worn, used, damaged, had has 8 previous users  and before Drinax bought them all 3 of them were destined for The Junkyard

The Cruiser went to The Starguard, The Destroyer had no fixed location and went were and when needed and The Pcs wanted The Carrier, I ruled that they'd need to roll A 12 on 2D6 with no modifiers and I figured they'd never do it but they did, it was the 1st time I've seen it done fairly and they got The 45,000 ton Carrier

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