How could we possibly make it work?

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For a laugh I've decided that after Carona's over I'll temporarily halt the campaigns I was doing before it and instead, I'll do something I've never done before and this will be the only, so far, 1st edition Warhammer Roleplay Campaign were I'm A Player rather then The GM, A GM I know has sent me copes of her charts and tables for background, family and social scale, but I've got a problem that I don't think can possibly work. Tell me how could we possibly make it work?

The problem is that my character ended up being the exiled crown princess and now rightful queen of A Country that until she was exiled and ended up in The Empire no one knew about

The reason for her exile is that she was the only member of her family in over 1,300 years that wasn't in league with Chaos, the people found out, almost the entire country and all the army rose up in rebellion, her family was slaughtered, no one knew she wasn't in league with Chaos and fearing for The 4 year old crown princess's life she was smuggled to safety

As is traditional in her homeland when royal infants turn 3 they choose 6 orphans that are also 3 that will be his or her friends, companions and playmates and in time may join his or her royal guards

That's why despite being her homelands rightful queen all she's got are 1 unit of 7 Soldiers with Crossbows, 1 unit of 7 Soldiers with Swords, 1 unit of 4 Hunters and 1 unit of 2 scouts

The main problem are her 3 best guards, 1's the former head of The Royal Hunt whose A Targeteer/Ex Bounty Hunter/Ex Noble, 1's the only very senior member of The Kings Guard that choose to be loyal to the only none corrupt royal whose A Judicial Champion/Ex Captain/Ex Noble and 1's The only Senior Wizard that choose to be loyal to the only none corrupt royal whose A 3rd level Elementalist, 2nd level Wizard, Ex Noble

Theirs also The 6 life-long friends of hers that were orphans that following tradition were adopted by The Royal Family who are A Human Physicians Apprentice, A Elven Wizards Apprentice, A Human Seamen, A Human Bodyguard, A  Halfling Thief and A Elven Minsteral

So if me and my GM are foolish enough/brave enough to try and use this lady how could we possibly make it work?

Her being A Initiate of Verna with A INT of 39, A WP of 35 and only has 2 stats that are lower then A 30 isn't the main problem, the main problems are that not only has she got 16 Soldiers, 3 very powerful guards that are also soldiers and 6 friends that are as good starter Pcs her past is known and its been proven that she's not tainted by chaos

Even worse is that because she's both of Royal Blood and her homelands rightful queen theirs a lot of situations in The Enemy Within were most of the trouble The Pcs have is because the authorities believe the bad guys over them but as she's royalty and at least 3 of her protectors are royalty they won't have that problem

Several of the most amusing problems in The Early parts of The Enemy Within that require major changes to a adventures plot, villains and other Npcs are in Shadows over Boghafen, mainly because she's Royalty and at least 3 of her followers are minor Nobles, which is why everyones going to believe them over Teugen and his cronies, at the very least they'll lock Teugen in A Cell and once the deadlines up he will be claimed by Tzeentch and everyone will know they were right

As other examples in Mistaken Identity no matter how much her common born followers may be suspected of killing Nobles all it will take to resolve it is her giving them a royal pardon

In Death on The Reik 2 problems are that no matter how many Dwarfs they kill when sober The surviving Dwarfs are to smart to start a feud with A Princess that's got several dozen protectors, at least 3 of which are Nobles and she could easily get The Towns Watchmen to put The Dwarfs in protective custody, not because they're suspects but to protect them from Vigilanties

Another problem in Death on The Reik is that if needed she could easily persuade many of the more reasonable Locals that The Dwarfs can't be The Murderous Raiders and the reason she's sure of that is because all Dwarfs have at least Average level of INT and that if they were The Murderous Raiders then The Dwarfs would have not made their guilt so obvious

Other problems in Death on The Reik is that if needed she'll be able to gather enough mercenaries to guard every farm that could ever be a potential target and then use sheer numbers to slaughter the goblins and later do the same to The Red Crown Cultists and The People of Castle Wittgenstein

Some of my favorite examples are from Power Behind The Throne and they are as follows. Being Royalty and accompanied by 3 Guards that are Minor Nobility their will be some officials that will be queuing to give her invites to The Grafs Garden Party, being royalty regardless of what laws The Urchins break whilst helping her she'll just give them a royal pardon, a lot of the trouble that The Pcs would normally have meeting important Pcs won't happen here because a lot of them will likely want her to discreetly help them

What's more a lot of the criminals and other people that either don't realize that Wasimers their real boss or know they work for him but don't now that he's in league with Chaos are reluctant to help regular(?) Pcs but when 1's Royalty and 3 of her guards are both Ex Very Senior Army Officers and minor Nobles they'll likely be queuing up in the hope of 1 or both of A Royal Pardon and a couple of thousand gold

Graf Boris isn't going to lock her up, after all if he even tried if she ever regains her throne she'd likely get revenge by at the very least using magical artillery to wipe Middenheim out of existence and more likely then not wiping most of The Province of Middenland out of existence

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