What should my cousin do?

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A cousin of mine has created A Solo RPG that combines the best parts of Pokemon, A Version of DAD that will never have even 1 act of violence in it and A Version of Fighting Fantasy that will also never have even 1 act of violence in it and he and a friend are planning to test it, but they've only just finished character generation and they already have A big problem. What should they do?

The problem is that when rolling on the background table for both of his characters parents my cousins friend he made 1 set of 7 1D100 rolls for both parents and both times the 1st roll was A 65 to 75 he 2nd was A 1 to 5, the 3rd was A 30 to 40, rolls 4, 5 and 6 were all A 50 to 60 and the 7th 7 came up A 40 to 50 and for their 1 thing about them that's either very rare or semi unique he rolled A 8 on 1D10

That means that both of his parents were very successful in at least 75% of all of their battles that weren't league battles, but they always did what Ash in The Anime does, which means that  everytime they start a new region they leave most of their Pokemon with their Regions Professor and only take their starter

That is why everytime his parents entered a league they were unlucky to almost never mak  it past the preliminaries and never made it past the 2nd actual round

What's more they both traveled across 3 regions, they both managed to qualify for The League's of all 3 regions they traveled across and they only just managed to register in time to take part in The Leagues of those Regions

What makes it A Lot easier for The Player and A lot harder for The GM/my cousin, is that 2nd and 3rd rolls that both came up A 50 to 60 mean that even though The Player is A 10 year Old Rookie he has inherited between just over 190 and just under 220 Pokemon

For example The 1st roll that came up A 50 to 60 means that in every league they took part in both of his parents acquired between 32 and 36 Pokemon, which means that the players inheriting between 192 and 216 Pokemon

The 2nd roll that came up A 50 to 60 means that in every league they took part in roughly 40% of The Pokemon that oth his parents caught in that region were fully evolved, which means that the players inheriting 76 and 88 fully evolved Pokemon

The 7th and final roll coming up A 40 to 50 means that they both caught 1 or 2 Pokemon that's A Pseudo-Legendary and its level is level that it evolves into its final form, for example if 1 was Hydregion, which I hope it isn't, it would be Level 65

That means that The Characters A complete rookie, yet he gas 3 Pokemon that are all Pseudo-Legendary, my cousin/The GM foolishly let his Player make  3 1D100 rolls on A 8th table my cousin/The GM made and all 3 rolls come up A 60 to 80

That means that all 3 Pseudo-Legendaries believe that The Rookie is no were near worthy of being their trainer but the rolls also mean that because of how nice, kind, caring and friendly his parents were to all Pokemon these 3 Pseudo-Legendaries are going to honor the memory of their new trainers parents by giving their new trainer a chance to prove that he is worthy of being their trainer

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