What do you think of Voldemorts War Plan from my very old Harry Potter RPG?

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I want your opinions on The Main part of Voldemorts Main War Plan from my Harry Potter RPG that I created back in very early Summer 2,002

The RPG was completely different then it was in The Books and the main reason is becauise by the time Book 5 came out in the real world in my Harry Potter RPG Voldemort had been permanently dead and buried  for 20 years and most of those that died in Books 5 to 7 were dead but in The RPG they'd died peacefully, of old age, in bed and surrounded by friends, family and loved 1's

As it ignores the plot of the books after Book 4 theirs no Horcruxes, Snape wasn't the half-blood prince, Sirius, Lupin, Snape and Wormtail didn't die, Occlumey's not a thing, Snape and Voldemort really can read minds and theirs no Bellatrix, Slughorn and Umbridge, theirs no Lasting Curse on The DADA Job as such rather every year either Voldemort or his Ghost cast it on The new DADA teacher and their was no Half-Blood Prince

Saying that though by sheer coincidence Snape became The DADA Teacher, but in 95 not 96, and was replaced The Unnamed person that was Potions Teacher before him, their was A unnamed Female Death Eater that was in love with Voldemort and spend more then 14 years in Azkaban for him, their was A very evil Unnamed Senior Female Ministry Member that was worse then some Death Eaters and The unnamed Head of The Auror Department replaced Fudge as Minister of Magic

That's why after Book 6 was released I replaced The unnamed person that was Potions Teacher before Snape with Slughorn, The unnamed Female Death Eater with Bellattrix, The very evil Unnamed Senior Female Ministry Member that was worse then some Death Eaters with Umbridge and The unnamed Head of The Auror Department with Scrimonger

Also you think Fudge was a misguided idiot who was a coward in The Books?, in The RPG he was actually nasty enough, cowardly enough and spineless enough to betray both The Muggle and Wizarding Worlds and in return for being President, under Voldemorts rule, of A Unified Wizarding/Muggle UK he sold out The Military secrets of both Wizards and Muggle UK

What is more in The RPG Voldemorts only 80% insane rather then 100% insane and this treachery was so nasty that Voldemort was disgusted enough that he spend almost 6 months torturing Fudge almost completely to death with muggle methods, healing him back to full health, doing it all over again, eventually he got bored, killed Fudge and send him back to the ministry in tiny pieces in very small boxes in small parcels

So here's The War Plan Voldemort had in The Harry Potter RPG I made back in Summer 2,002. What do you think?

The plan

He had 1,034,700 followers

Send 12 groups of 25,000 men to kill as many as possible members of The 12 most powerful Ministries of Magic in the world as possible and send another 12 groups of 25,000 men to kill as many as possible members of The 12 most powerful groups of Auror or equivalent in the world

He personally lead his 285,000 most loyal, not best and/or most powerful, followers to lay siege to Hogwarts to kill Dumbledore, Potter and as many of those that will die for their cause as possible and use A Shield of his own creation to stop Hogwarts Defenders getting out or reinforcements getting in


Keep 3 groups of 34,700 and 1 group of 45,600 men in reserve to be used where, when or if needed

What actually happened

Both The 12 most powerful Ministries of Magic in the world and The 12 most powerful groups of Auror or equivalent in the world faked their own destructions then concentrated vastly superior forces, we're talking odds of at at least 4.6 to 1, which they all fled from, only to be flee in the direction the goodies intended and not long after were wiped out by vastly superior forces

Unlike in the books Voldemort was unwilling to wipe out Hogwarts cos most of its defenders wouldn't die for their cause and he also didn't want to kill all people that were pure-bloods and also didn’t want to kill roughly 68.1% of the worlds half-bloods

Also unlike in the books he believed that roughly 1 in every 59,300 Muggle-borns could be both worth of being Wizards or Witches and unlike in the books he was only partially insane and only mostly psychotic, which was why he was reluctant to kill any to be of use to him o  may join him, so a attack that without those concerns would have lasted 17 days max lasted from The 5/9/1,995 to The 22/5/1,998

As well as which had Snape not chosen that time to double-cross him then he would have found it every easy to capture or kill most of the people in Hogwarts and that’s cos they were celebrating  1,000 years since Hogwarts was build and the celebrations were on The 5/9/1,995

Another mistake was not bringing enough food and lack of strict rationing cos although he had 14 times the supplies Hogwarts did he had just under 27 times the troops(285,000x10,500) and the plan was for it to last 3 month tops, not well over 2 and a half years

That was made even worse by Snape using Occulmey, I think that's the name and Snape tries to teach Harry it in Book 5, on Voldemort whilst he/Voldemort was too drunk to know better and he/Snape sweet-talked the knowledge of how to make, cast and maintain The Super Shield from Voldemort

The result of that was that whilst it did stop The Hogwarts Defenders getting out or reinforcements getting it also means that Voldemort can't get the injured out and can't get Medical Supplies, Reinforcements or Food and Drink Supplies in

By The 22/5/1,998 Voldemort had a small amount more then less then 13 28th’s  of his initial personally commanded Forces(he had lost 157,600 men and thus only(?) had 122,400 of his, initially, 285,000 followers left), to ambush's, failed attacks, desertion, commando attacks by both people in Hogwarts trying to get out and allies trying to get in, illness, scurvy, infighting and execution for cowardly conduct and by late afternoon of The 22/5/1,998 his supplies had run out and it was either attack Hogwarts with all his forces to get more supplies or risk almost of his forces abandoning a lost cause but by then it was too late and 67.6% of his forces where killed, 29.5% of the others where captured and the other 2.9% fled for their lives and were captured or killed whilst resisting capture  within 297 weeks

That massacre was by a four-pronged attack of reinforcements from the south that came from a total of 39 different Wizarding Counties, the remaining Hogwarts defenders from The North, Centaurs, Spiders, Hippogriffs and Goblins from The Forest to The West and A assortment of Dragons, Manticores, Ogres, Hags, Trolls, Giants and Hydra's controlled by The Impervius Curse and those forces amounted 1,099,600 men, which was well over 64,900 men more then the most he'd ever had and getting only 2,000 men less then 9 times his remaining forces would have been 1,101,600 men), his remaining forces

Even worse, for the bad guys, is, like I said earlier, that Voldemort's 3 groups of 34,700 and 1 group of 45,600 reserves were each wiped out by The Same Massive Strike Force of 1,300 assorted Dragons controlled by The Impervius Curse

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