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Shortly before Carona started my group had reached the part of Pirates of Drinax were Drinax was officially recognized as A Power in The Trojan Reach

After The Companion came out we used Skype to agree that Drinax would get Torpols Gionetti that's mentioned in the companion

My group have been doing RPG's for many years and we love Pirates of Drinax so much that we were on our 5th Pirates of Drinax Campaign

I'll admit that we've done those 5 campaigns over 62 months by having roughly 9 months per campaign and a break of roughly 3.4 months between each

I'll also admit that we had at least 4 sessions a month, played for approximately 5 hours each time and each month of our time covered between 4 years and 6 years of in-game time

I want your thoughts on it and The Deals The Pcs had struck. Here are the deals and Drinax as it was at the end of the last session. What do you think?

Also I'm sorry about the initial mistakes about The Characters Starport, I'm very tired and some of the information I initially posted was wrong and I've since spotted another mistake. Sorry

Also I've just realized that when mentioning the amount of real-life time we've spend doing Pirates of Drinax I made the mistake of putting 5 sessions a week not 4 and that they each lasted at least 6 hours rather then approximately 5 hours and that I put between 3 and a half and 6 years of in-game rather then between 4 and 6 years. Sorry I'm very tired and not paying attention

The deals The Pcs struck that added Planets to Drinax

Deals that my group have done in all 5, including this 1, campaigns

Inurin and Sperle provide Food, Bryni provides ships, ship-yards and soldiers, Tech-World gets 4 300 ton, 1 100 ton, 1 200 ton, 1 400 ton and 1 500 ships that my base will build, Drinax, Neumann and Tech-World provide Tech, Falcon, Albe and Neuman provide workforce's for all the planets, Wildeman gets A Small but fully functional Class-B Starport, Simok gets the civil-war ended, its rulers fertility restored and avoids The Imperiums wrath and Acrid and Argona provide the materials and miner

1’s that my group have done in at least 3, including this 1, campaigns

Kteiroa's Ruler gets enough Land on Asim to make him A Social Scale 12/Territory 12 Semi-Greater Noble and his youngest son becomes A Social Scale 7/Territory 7 Greater Land Owner, Ogma's Raiders get pardons for the piracy they've done, on Chalchiuticu we relieve population pressures, stabilize the economy, end a food crisis and help them get a decent navy, Albe gets the food they desperately need, their population pressure removed and a save and stable place for their surplus people on Chalchiuticu

Deals that this is the only campaign they've done them in that I believe are reasonable, logical and make sense

Pandora by arranging for the treatment to save the life of its rulers daughter, Salif and Palindrome by arranging for the treatment to save the lives of their rulers, Hilfer by spending Cr 2 million of Water reclamation, Paal by giving them Cr 8 million worth of Luxury Goods,  Exe by bribing The 100 Staff on it with Cr 10,000 each and Drinax gains Torpol, Clarke, The Planet Traefar that’s in The Same System as Torpol and Blue by giving them enough protection to guarantee they will never again be threatened by Raider

The 2 Deals that my group have not done in any prior campaigns and I was so Impressed by how clever, brazen, inventive and daring the deals they offered were that I let them try to do both of them and they actually managed to pull both of them off

Drinax gained Cordan by ending the hostilities between The 3 Barons and they form a 3 way rulership, the way that works is that each decade is divided into 4 periods of 2 and a half years, during periods 1 to 3 1's the Prime Minister, 1's the ruler and 1 commands The Army and Navy, every time a new period starts The Barons swap roles and for The 4th period The planets ruled by A Civilian Controlled Government

Drinax gained The Alliance of The Zhodanni World of Pa'an and did so by allowing agreeing to the following deals and concessions

The 1st is that Drinax will allow it to be a part of both Drinax and The Zhodanni Consulate

Drinax also agrees to give Pa'an protection from The Imperial Authorities and to protect them from the kinds of criminals that target Psionics

Drinax has also agreed that all Psions, not just Zhodani Psions, within The Boundaries of  Drinax have to be registered both with and registered on Pa'an


Drinax has also agreed that the only facilities that are within the boundaries of Drinax that are legally allowed to train Psions are those that are within The Pa'an Star-System

The actual New Kingdom of Drinax


Drinax had 29 Planets that were spread across 26 star systems and 4 Sub-Sectors that were all in The Same Sector

Those 29 Planets are The Worlds of Drinax, Asim, Inurin, Sperle, Bryni, Tech-World, Falcon, Albe, Neuman, Wildeman, Simok, Acrid, Argona, Kteiroa, Ogma, Chalchiuticu, Albe, Pandora, Salif, Palindrome, Hilfer, Paal, Exe, Torpol, Clarke, Traefar, Blue, Cordan and Pa’an


2.97 billion part-time soldiers equipped at TL’s 8 to 12 and around 388.22 million full-time soldiers equipped at TL's 10 to 15


Around 35.73 billion



It’s A Class-B Pirate Starport in The Wildeman System that’s more loyal to us then it is to Drinax

Rolls on Tables A Friend made but won't let me share show that it has the ability to build Ships of up to 800 tons and that it provides The Pcs with a minimum of C 324,510 a month

Rolls on other Tables the same Friend made but won't let me share show that it also has the ability that every 10th year it gives The Pcs 1,200 tons worth of free ships, but it can only provide up to 5 Ships, none can mass more then 600 tons and only 1 can have a mass of 600 tons



The Characters 41 Ships that range from 100 tons to 1,600 tons

A Regional Forces Navy of 478 Ships that range from 100 tons to 900 tons

Ogma's 17 former Fleets of Pirate Raiders that individually each had between 4 Ships and 21 Ships and had a total of 216 Ships that range from 100 tons to 800 tons

A Starguard Navy of 68 Ships that all range from 100 tons to 1,400 tons

Tech-Worlds 4 300 ton, 1 100 ton, 1 200 ton, 1 400 ton and 1 500 ton Ships, all of which they paid to have build at The Pcs Class-B Pirate Starport

The Traefar flotilla of 13 10 ton, 6 20 ton, 3 30 ton and 1 40 ton Fighters, as well as 5 100 ton, 3 200 ton and 1 300 ton armed small craft, 4 200 ton, 2 100 ton and 1 400 ton Belter Ships and 4 200 ton, 2 100 ton and 1 400 ton Mining Ships

Capital Ships

The 1 and only

Going by The Official rules it isn’t A Capital Ships but in our Traveller Universe it’s the smallest Capital Ship ever build

It’s the 35,000 ton Gionetti class light cruiser that has been stationed at Torpol for 69 years and which Drinax arranged to be given The Capacity to make Jump 1 type Jumps


All in all getting to that point in The Campaign took a total of 36 years, 9 months, 3 weeks and 3 days

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    I've just realized that in the bit were I mention how much my group love Pirates of Drinax I say that we were on our 4th Pirates of Drinax Campaign but that's a mistake and I meant to say that we were on our 5th Pirates of Drinax Campaign

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