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been wanting to play with the api for a while, but not had a project in mind. A friend who likes to put a lot of system and setting wiki info in was bemoaning the fact that he can't clone campaigns. So I thought a tool for cloning wiki pages between campaigns would be a cute first project. ALAS the api docs say that the api is currently unusable.

Any news or workarounds or even areas an unreliable software dev could pitch in here and there to expedite the process? 


  • jodie
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    You could just generate an api key in the settings page near the css for each campaign, and cycle it each month/fortnight. It's lazy but it would be a good stopgap.

  • Kallak
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    I wish I could do it for you. Sadly, that's a bit above my pay grade.

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  • jodie
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    Is there a volunteer dev community? I know there used to be a write an api wrapper invitation. 

  • thaen
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    Definitely appreciate the offer, but the dev environment is not a simple setup, so it's non-trivial to get a volunteer dev up and running.  We're currently "paying down some technical debt", which is why the broken API isn't getting any love right now.  So no promises about when the API will be fixed, but it's on the list.

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  • jodie
    Posts: 46

    That's very fair, thanks for the reply. Good luck in wrangling the errant lines.

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