Border for Character Page


So...anyone know a CSS trick to place a border around the Character Page?

Right now mine looking ok...



  • gastoff
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    Are you wanting to put a border around the entire page or just the character sections?

    If you are wanting a border around the whole page, you could layer two background images to create the desired effect:

    .campaign-public-layout .page-background {
    background-image: url(border image), url(current background);

    Each image can be formatted independently to get the desired effect:

    .campaign-public-layout .page-background {
    background-image: url(first image), url(second image);
    background-position: left top, center center;
    background-repeat: repeat, no-repeat;

    In the example above, the "left top" and "repeat" will be applied to the first image, while the "center center" and "no-repeat" would be applied to the second image that is underneath the first one.

    This would allow for things like having a background that looks like aged paper that is stretched across the screen and place a second image of a watermark on top of that image and position it wherever you want, while still having both images be part of the background. 


  • Keryth987
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    Background and Border around the PLAYER CHARACTER and NON-PLAYER CHARACTER Sections, as well as both actually

  • gastoff
    Posts: 136

    A border around both the PC and NPC sections can be done buy changing the background-image of the character-list div:

    .character-list {
    background-image: url();

    That should solve the first step, unless you wanted a different border for each section. As for getting a border around them both, I'm not sure what div element houses the character lists. The closest thing I can find through inspecting the code is the .main-content div, but that also houses the search bar...


  • Abersade
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    Here's what I found to work on my Testbed site to add a specific background to each section, the selectors for a border should be the same:

    div.character-list:nth-child(4) {border-image: url(YOUR_URL_HERE) 25 fill repeat;}

    div.character-list:nth-child(6) {border-image: url(YOUR_URL_HERE) 25 fill repeat;}


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