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Hello all,

a few weeks ago I created this page:

It used to show just a picture of the youtube and then clicking on it brought you to the youtube, but now I see an actual picture with the title of the video misaligned next to it.

I have not change the coding behind it (unless I was drunk and cant remember): 

<div class='oembed youtube'><a href='YOUTUBELINKGOESHEREWITHAUTOPLAY'></a></div>

what am I doing wrong? I envision that it shoudl just be a clickable youtube link embedded.



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  • thaen
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    Looks like Embedly changed something on their side.

    I think to fix this, you just need to remove the "?autoplay=1" from your url.

    The "?autoplay=1" doesn't actually "autoplay", so other than cause this issue, it doesn't seem to do anything.

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  • Frak_Lou_Elmo
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    that worked! thanks!!

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  • thaen
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    Happy to!

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