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I have looked around a lot and been able to dig up nothing. I want to change the titles of my wiki pages to white. because the light gray kind of just blends into the background. I also want to change the color of the names in the characters section because it has the same problem. 



  • thaen
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    Others around here might have better suggestions, but I think this will get you what you want:

    .campaign-public-layout .main-content h1, .campaign-public-layout .main-content h2, .campaign-public-layout .main-content h3, .campaign-public-layout .main-content h4, .campaign-public-layout .main-content h5, .campaign-public-layout .main-content h6 {color:#FFFFFF;}

    body.campaign-public-layout .title a {color:#FFFFFF;}

    This might be too technical, but in general, if you're using Chrome, you can right click on the text you want to be a different color, and choose "Inspect".  That will show you what CSS is being applied to that text, so you can then take that CSS class list and add it to your Custom CSS with whatever changes you want applied to it. 

    If that doesn't make sense, or you just need help with something, always feel free to ask as well!

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  • juppo94
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    That is perfect thank you so much!

  • thaen
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    Happy to!

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