Private option for character stats (dynamic sheet templates)


I would like to have the option to make the ability sheet of characters private (GM only), ideally I would like to be able to make them visible to selected players (like secrets), but being able to set them private would be sufficient. 

There is often multiple NPC that my player know about in details. So I want them to see the bio, the description, etc. but I don't want them to see their exact stats, level, class and the likes. Would it be possible to add the option for the dynamic sheet of the character?


  • thaen
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    With the current setup, to do this, you can check the "Private Character?" checkbox, which will make the DST, Bio, and Description hidden, but will leave the Character Image and the Quick Description visible.

    Then you can copy the Bio and/or Description into a Player Secret and share it with whichever Players you want.

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