Locked Content trap >:)


I have been thinking of ways to integrate OP into the game directly (since we play online) and one thing I have been doing is use secrets to give the player's dreams that they can read at the start of the game. but a new thing I am going to try is a fake "Locked Content" section:


this door will appear in the divination wizard's dream. While it SAYS Locked Content, the link actually works and if you click through all the way the trap is sprung.

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    Do not open until Doomsday- love this

    Just trying to help out.

  • twiggyleaf
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    Such devious machinations, @Frak_Lou_Elmo.  I love it.


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  • jodie
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    I'm dead of curiosity pls explain how this worked

  • Frak_Lou_Elmo
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    so in the lore a archdemon has been following the gods around for millennia, sometimes seducing them, always trying to gain a spark of divinity. For reasons when she took it too far all the gods kicked her but but decided to imprison her rather than slay her for #reasons.  because one of the gods was a really #niceguy , she could be released from her prison at the end of the world so that she would have one day to play around before everything ended. 

    Now this player in my campaign came across this door, and spoke with it. He could hear from behind the door the archdemon promise phenominal cosmic power (become a warlock patron) if he would open the door early. Being arrogant and powerhungry, the fool did and now he is now warlock and this archdemon is loose again and the end of the world is comeing early. 

    I created the link on the page as a form of foreboding and did not mention it to my players, wondering who would be foolish enough to click through even though it said locked content. Funnily enough, everybody did except this one player who didnt notice it. So when he got to the door (the character was alone) everyone at the table new this was a bad idea except him. After he said he wanted to open the door then I told him to go click the link. 

    twitter: @Frak_Lou_Elmo

  • jodie
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    That's magnificent, thank you

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