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Hi all,

I was thinking of ways to get more engagement with OP in social media and I think it may help to have a link to someone's twitter/facebook on their profile page:


I think that may make it easier for the community to become more of a community, as precious few players are active in the forums. IT shoudl be pretty easy as OP already has twitter/facebook connections available in the settings. what do you think?




  • thaen
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    Thanks for the suggestion!

    OP has traditionally had an intentional disconnect between a member's real life identity and their profile.  So we wouldn't want to publish a link to someone's Facebook or Twitter page without that person explicitly requesting to publish that link themselves.  But members can already do that by putting the link in their Profile Bio.

    What scenario are you thinking this would be used in?  Meaning, when would an OP member be looking for another OP member's social media links, and what would they do with the links after they found them?

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  • Frak_Lou_Elmo
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    yeah I get the anonimity, Frak is not my REAL name ;) and I would only put my twitter and not my FB for this reason! I just thought that rather than scrolling down to the text to find is a bit clunky and the socialmedia links on characters in a campagin got me thinking an icon like that coule be next to our profilename (assuming the member OK'd the option).

    how this would be used... uuh... maybe i should have thought this through? 

    I see once in a while on twitter someone share their OP stuff, which i then check out, and stricking up a conversation with them on twitter about it seems more natural than the comments section on the OP site (which frankly i keep forgetting exists). I just assumed that if the connection to social media was more prominent it would have an effect of more people sharing their stuff, generating fans, exposing OP to the broader world... you know by magic. 

  • thaen
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    "you know by magic" - haha!

    I think we're already making that cycle of "sharing and discussing their stuff" as easy as we can, since we have the social share buttons at the tops of the Wiki Pages and the Adventure Logs and the Characters.  But thank you again for proposing ideas!

    Btw, I noticed this post on Twitter ...

    Have you read Tiny Habits?  There's a part where he's discussing the two levers that you can pull to get someone to do something...motivation and ability (aka ease).  And that if you feel like you need to increase motivation, maybe instead work on making the behavior easier.  This reduces the "stress" on the person, since the motivation and the "desire not to do the behavior" are in pushing against each other.  And makes it more likely that the person will continue doing the behavior even after the motivation is removed.  That just came to mind when I read your post.  Feel free to ignore!


    Obsidian Portal Developer

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