Cannot Zoom In in my detailed maps


Hello community,

I am having a problem with my maps. I would like to add a very detailed map (with many names, cities and so forth) but when I upload it, I cannot zoom in enough to read it. What can I do? Any solution? 

Thanks for your help!

PD: By the way, I am Spanish, and I am in love with this platform. A lot of better than the ones we have here :D


  • thaen
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    Welcome!  Glad you're enjoying OP!

    The zoom on the maps is limited to 4 levels, so you'll need smaller maps to make the details more visible.  So you could cut your detailed map up into smaller maps, and name them by the compass locations. 

    For example, you could cut it up into 9 sections, and have it be North, North East, East, South East, South, South West, West, North West, and Center. 

    Or just 4 sections, and just North East, South East, South West, North West.

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