Making summoners interesting


Bit showing off here but it really worked out. I have a warlock (archfey) who i am playing very druidy, i got the spell summon fey spirit which lets me chose out of 3 powers the spirit gets.

I made 3 seperate personalities and backstories for differnt spirit that know me perqonalky. The summon spell say you just pluck any spirit but because i made these elaborate backstories the DM totally rolled with it and there was some awesome roleplaying with the entire party. Key is to also put the stats roght there for the dm too.

It really helps the dm to essentially create fully rounded npc's so they dont have to do so much creative thought.

You can see my spirits in my bio at the end:

One thing i toyed with was putting them as separate characters in obsidian portal but as there are already so many npc's and as yet no accordion function in the characters page i thought to put them all in one place.

Has anyone else come up with backstories fir their summoned beings? Or have any other ideas to flesh out summoned beings?

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  • jodie
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    I love the idea of giving flavour to the specific spirits summoned. It adds great roleplaying options

  • Frak_Lou_Elmo
    Posts: 174

    thank you Jodie! My DM is also happy to not have to come up with a personality if I do the work :)

    twitter: @Frak_Lou_Elmo

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