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Hi, guys,

I am still banging away on our Star Trek campaign, specifically the Adventure Log Post.  I want to use the header images I am creating for each Log as the main Clickable item on the Posts page.  I want to show the whole image below the Title of the Log and the Date.  Is there some way to simply have more of the post show up perhaps?  Thanks for any help in advance!    

November 2012 CotM:  Dresden Files RPG: The Emerald City

June 2016 CotM:  Star Wars: Rise of the Infinite Empire

JUNE 2020 CotM & 2020 CotY:  Mass Effect Accelerated

FEBRUARY 2022 CotM & 2022 CotY: Dresden Files Accelerated:  Emerald City-Requiem 

Current Campaigns:  Traveller Osmium Buccaneers: Pirates of Drinax, Cyberpunk 2077 Accelerated


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February 2023
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