A Diplomat character in an Edge of the Empire game


I've just started play with an Ambassador in a game that's clearly more Edge of the Empire in nature.

My character Naomi is the daughter of a former storm trooper and a member of an Imperial family that got her to divorce her husband as he wasn't considered suitable for someone of her standing.

Raised unaware of her mother's side of the family things came to a head when someone claiming to be related to his ex-wife turned up but was shown to be a fraud resulting in a fight forcing her father to tell Naomi to flee as the charlatan called in backup.

All she knows is the fight between them and her father brought in the authorities who arrested everyone but they disappeared en route to lock up and she couldn't find out what happened to them.

Working on various freighters as manual labor she eventually crossed paths with the ship she started the game on learning they were pursuing a freighter because someone aboard had stolen something from them.

Can you give me any advice on running a diplomat character in an edge of the empire game?

I'm wondering if I missed something important.

Thanks in advance.


  • Jynx001
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    Cool concept! I don't know what rules you're using, but as far as general themes based on your backstory, you might consider a Diplomat who is an Agitator (a bully to the bullies, attempting to rile up those around them), an Analyst/Researcher, or maybe a Propogandist (an expert at manipulating the political landscape in order to gain an advantage for their group or themselves).

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