Character (PF): The Tinkerer


Bolin stumbled over a tree root and crashed hard to the forest floor. Exhausted from weeks of fighting through the thick underbrush of the ancient woodlands, Bolin cursed as he pushed himself up to his knees.

"This is pointless, Kassa!" Bolin grumbled to his sister as she helped him to his feet. "We've been searching for these stupid woods for weeks now with nothing to show for it. And for what? Some rumor you heard at the tavern?"

Kassa pushed her damp hair out of her eyes and looked pleadingly at her brother. "We have to keep looking, Bolin. I'm tired of our people—our family—being rounded up link cattle and forced to work for House Thrune, aren't you?"

Kassa leaned wearily against a tree, her countenance a mixture of exhaustion and anger. With a deep sigh, she straightened herself back up and took the lead "C'mon," she called back to Bolin. "Just a few more hours while we still have some daylight. I feel like we are getting close. If anyone can help us, theTinkerer can...if we can find him."

Legends tell that deep in the Whisper Woods resides a reclusive gnome, an artificer whose skills surpassed all others. His clockwork constructions caught the attention of the Chelish Hellknights who sought to use the constructs to maintain order and squash dissension across Cheliax. The artificer did not want to see his creations being used to subjugate others, and refused the Hellknights' order to produce an army of clockwork automatons the Infernal Magistrix. One night, the tinkerer melted down his constructions, destroyed his research, and disappeared. The Hellknights searched for the tinkerer for many years with no luck in finding him, other than that any Hellknight search parties that journeyed too far into the Whispering Woods have never returned. It has been over a century since any Chelaxian Hellknight has ventured deep into the Woods.

The Tinkerer is an ancient gnome, a master artisan, that has resided in the deepest recesses of the Whispering Woods for over 150 years. He has spent his lifetime perfecting clockwork constructs of all kinds. He rarely ventures out of the woods except to procure rare materials or tools for his extensive subterranean workshop. When he does leave, his home and shop are guarded by one of his most impressive creations, a colossal clockwork golem.

The Tinkerer is a 20th level NPC that can be placed in just about any Pathfinder campaign. He can be altered to be a diabolical BBEG (via his CR 20+ Clockwork Colossus) that must be thwarted, a genial ally that is a repository of information and resources, or the eccentric, kooky recluse as presented above. Below are links to his character sheet, clockwork colossus, and craft calculations.

Character Sheet (.pdf): Tinkerer.pdf?raw=1

Colossus (.xlsx): Colossus.xlsx?raw=1

Crafting (.pdf):


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