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So, in the past few weeks I've decided to turn the OP page for Children of Gotham into my own creative hub where I create Fate content, fiction, and what have you. One of the things I would like to do to add to this is to create a twitter timeline for a CoG twitter account I made. I post things like links to content, links to fiction, updates on the games, and what have you and would really like to have that on the frontpage of the website. I even have the perfect place for it, I would like to have it replace the stream with all the updates about which wiki page I've editted most recently.

I know where to get the code for the widget, that's easy enough. The difficulty is getting it on the frontpage. I tried using HTML with the absolute positioning tag but that appears to only be within the edittable area. I assume this means I have to add the CSS in the main area in the settings menu. The problem is I'm not sure exactly what code I need to implement to get the widget placed. Obviously the positioning I can tweak to my liking but it's the main code I need to put in the CSS area to put the widget on the main page, outside the editable area.

Anyone able to help me with this?

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