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Are my players going to face captcha human checks each time they view the site? Why are you no longer supporting the safari browser? 


I just came on from my iPad. Not logged in, just to brows. That's what I got. It also suggest me to run an anti-virus scan to avoid this in the future. Like what? For browsing the website? This is to messy and incompatible with use if this is the case. 




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    Hello. Sorry to hear about the difficulties, there shouldn't be any sort of captcha checks for simply browsing (or for most things for that matter). Can you tell me a bit more about what's going on with the Safari browser for you? I think some more specific details on what you're experiencing could really be helpful in determining what's going on.


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    Hey elfsphere, thanks for letting us know there is an issue!

    Spammers like to use automated code to scan OP, so we take steps discourage them, or else OP slows to a crawl or crashes.  Sweden in particular is a large source of a lot of the spammers that target us, so OP members visiting from Sweden are more highly scrutinized by the firewall.

    I changed the "challenge" so that it's not a captcha and should instead be a 5 second wait.  But that should only happen once in a while, not every time.  Let me know if that's not good enough.

    And if you hit an issue again, can you screenshot it (specifically the part at the bottom that says "Cloudflare Ray ID" if that's there), and email it to [email protected]?  That'll help us determine which specific rule we need to relax.


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