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I've been enjoying the Secrets feature to have private conversations and share confidential information with my players and wondering if there are additional improvements to this capability on the roadmap? I'd love a way to have a nested/threaded conversation in them. Right now I'm using alternating text colors for responses, but it is a bit clunky. Or is there better way to do what I'm doing with them?


  • GamingMegaverse
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    See @thaen this stuff is getting new interest!!

    Just trying to help out.

  • thaen
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    Hey @Augurer, thanks for the feedback!  That's a pretty decent solution for the moment with the tools as they are.  If you have multiple topics on the same page, you could just separate out the topics into multiple Player Secrets with the same Player to get the "nested/threaded" benefit.

    But it sounds like what would really help with this for you would be "private campaign forum threads" where you could choose which Player(s) could see that thread.  IF we implemented "private campaign forum threads" (no promises), would you be interested in beta testing it?

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  • Dungeon_Master_Loki
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    I would possibly be interested in testing that out. I've got two PCs that just jumped from one campaign to a different but linked one. This would allow me to sort some things out knowledge base wise. 


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    @DungeonMasterLoki, beta testing interest for that feature noted!

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  • Conan_Lybarian
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    Don't know if this has been thrown out already, but I'd love the ability to categorize secrets. If I could sort them into either predetermined or custom fields like "story", "character", "item", ect., that would make my life as a constant notes writer/taker, and at this point OP reliant GM, so much easier. I wouldn't really care what *actual* thing they're tagged on in the Portal as a whole. I tend to write notes wherever it strikes me. But it seems a little cumbersome to have to make sure I go to the GM only "story" or whatever other wiki or item I've created. Maybe I'm just lazy, but I hate having to search through stuff to find notes.

    And I'm always down for any sort of beta too!

  • thaen
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    @Conan_Lybarian, that's interesting.  I'm not sure we want to build an entire tagging feature for secrets specifically as that would make the interface a bit cluttered.

    But what if we added a "beginning snippet" of the secret to the Secrets table?  A preview of sorts.  Since some of the secrets are named things like "Player Secret #2", this would help to remind the GM or Player what that secret was without having to go to the Secret.

    And for your situation, you could kind of "tag" the secret yourself by adding a keyword in the first line of the Secret. 

    And then later when you wanted to find all of the ones with that keyword, you could use Find in the browser to search within your own Secrets tab to jump to each of the secrets that has that keyword showing in its preview/snippet.


    Another solution here is to expand our "in campaign search" to include the Secrets, so they will show up in the search results too.  Then a keyword anywhere in the secret (not just the first 10 words or whatever the snippet would be) would bring that secret up in the search results.


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