DST Data stored with Archived Versions?


With many (all?) pages in Obsidian Portal, there is a list of Archived Versions of previous saves of the page. Does anyone know if those Archived Versions store DST information and if so how to retrieve it?


  • thaen
    Posts: 213

    I just checked the database, and I'm sorry to say the Archived Versions for Characters do not store any of the DST information, so there's no way to retrieve it.

    That might change in the future to where we do start storing the DST information in the Archived Versions, but that wouldn't bring back anything that has already been lost.

    What was the scenario where you needed the previous version of the DST information?

  • barrelv
    Posts: 22

    I had switched a campaign from one type to another, saved a character with a DST for the previous type, and lost the DST.

  • thaen
    Posts: 213

    These are the kind of bugs/design-flaws that make me feel sick.  I'm sorry you lost data.

    I can't get that data back, but I tried to put a fix in place so this won't happen again.

    I made a change so that if you Edit a Character that has a DST from a different Game System, the system will add that DST to the top of the select list and select it. 

    Previously the system was not selecting any DST if your DST was from a different Game System, so when you Saved it was acting like you had selected the "blank" DST, and so deleting the DST information.

    So now, if you do Edit another Character that has a DST from another Game System, you can Save and it will keep the DST from the other Game System in place.

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