What is the default order for All Campaigns listing?


My players and I were quite pleased when we made it to the 1st page of "All Campaigns".

I assume it "was" by number of followers.


Now we are not even on the 2nd or 3rd page...and we have updated in June.

Woe iz us!


  • SkidAce
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    Ahhh, it did change, kinda for the better.


    The last updated showed June, but that doesnt count since it was someone favoriting the campaign.

    An actual edit is required, for update "date" purposes.


    Nothing to see, carry on....

  • SkidAce
    Posts: 830

    By the way, if I update the name of the campaign to reflect changes, do we lose all followers?

  • Kallak
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    You shouldn't, no.

    All the best,
    - Kallak
  • thaen
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    @Keryth987 pointed out that the Default Order put some Campaigns front and center that hadn't been updated for YEARS, and so it gave the impression that OP is dead.  So I changed the Default Order to be "Most Popular that have content updated in the last 6 weeks, followed by Most Popular updated outside of 6 weeks".  So it should be a much "fresher" crop of popular Campaigns now.

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  • UselessTriviaMan
    Posts: 546 edited June 2020
    Holy mother forking shirt balls, Ptolus is now on Page 1!
    (In case it wasn't clear, I'm really, _really_ happy to see this update!)
    Post edited by UselessTriviaMan on

    Ptolus, City by the Spire - 2016 Campaign of the Year

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  • Kallak
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    This update has been requested in various circles for a little while now, and it's great to see that it's finally out live.

    All the best,
    - Kallak
  • Keryth987
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    I'm glad to see people applauding this change. I did suggest it, as Thaen says, with the knowledge that in a few months, Shadows too will fall off the front page, as the current campaign is nearing its end. However, I think it for the best for OP, as having campaigns, albeit great ones, tha thaven't been active since 2011 and 2013 and such gave the wrong first impression.

    OP is an amazing tool with a great community (though I'd like to see that community grow), and I am proud to be a part of it

  • GamingMegaverse
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    As someone that has an even older campaign than Keryth- we started in 2011.  Occasionally I have to tweak something, but we finished 2 years ago- and I love this change!

    So glad this has been done!  Makes things so much more current.

    Just trying to help out.

  • twiggyleaf
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    I think it is a good decision!


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  • Dungeon_Master_Loki
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    Applauding this loudly from the smoky table in the back


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