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We just pushed a very small update to the system.  For Ascendant Campaigns, the body tag of the Campaign pages has a new class that is specific to each member of the Campaign.  The format is "campaign-member-[login]", so when I'm looking at a page the class is "campaign-member-thaen", and when Kallak is looking, the class is "campaign-member-kallak".  (The "login" part of the class is always all lower case.)

This means that if a GM wants to add some styling for just one specific Player, that can now be done.  For example, maybe the GM wants to highlight or bold a specific part of a wiki page so it stands out for a specific Player, or the GM wants to have some text show inline in the wiki page only for that Player.  (Note, this is only CSS, so if your other Players are savvy enough to check the Page Source, they could still see that text...but they'd have to know to look for it.) 

I'm sure our CSS junkies will think of some much more creative ways to use this new feature.  Feel free to post them if any come to mind!

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