Possible Calendar Bug and Suggestion

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Bug ~ It appears that end the Start Date is selected, the End Date is auto-filled incorrectly. Trying to save it without "correcting" the End Date causes an error.



Suggestion ~ Leave the End Date and Time fields blank and unrequired (don't auto-populate). They should stay in place for users to fill out as they want, but otherwise make only Title, Start Date, and Start Time required.



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  • thaen
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    Thanks for pointing this out.

    That solution could work.  I'll put it in the dev queue to work on.

    From your screenshots, there's also an issue with the dates/times being in different formats (Starts at: 06/05/2020 vs Ends at: 2020-06-05, and the "PM" vs "pm").

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  • Krothos
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    To clarify, the 1st screenshot is showing what the "Ends at" fields are being auto-populated with after I enter the "Starts at" information.
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