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Hi All,

I have recently started running two Chronicles of Darkness games with dedicated Obsidian Portal campaigns, and am running them over Discord. Wiki set up, players joined, dynamic character sheets used, NPCs part-statted etc.

So far, so good.

However, what I am not sure how to manage is the easy handing out of Conditions mid-game. I need something quick and easy that won't interrupt the flow of the game more than minimally, but which will nonetheless give the players easy, persistent access to the Condition descriptions.

Just writing the Condition Name in the relevant section of their character sheets isn't good enough, mostly because there is no easy way to get the description quickly and easily recorded (writing them all up centrally on the wiki, then manually copying and pasting the description into the comment section of the Condition box on the char sheet would involve far too much faff in the middle of a game).

I've wondered about creating a wiki page per condition with an appropriate tag, then tagging the character with the relevant Condition description so that players could easily look their conditions up, but that is potentially a lot of prep-work (especially across two games) and still requires PCs to be actively looking stuff up on multiple tabs.


What I'd really like is some way just to link a PC to a Condition quickly and easily which somehow pulled across the description, either onto their character page directly, or onto a single wiki reference page.


Any thoughts? Anyone had this issue before?

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