Greetings! I'm back!


Well, I stopped by for my annual check-in to see if OP had recovered its footing from the various missteps and issues that drove me away from it. Lo and behold it seems as though things have really come around. After seeing how much more smoothly it runs, and the speed and clarity of response from the team, I've decided to come home to roost. 

That said, The Spelljoined campaign is coming back to life after nine years right here on it's home. My new Starfinder campaign is also getting built out while I've got quarantine time on my hands. I've renewed my Ascendant membership for the first time in years. 

Now, who is still around beside the eternal presence of @killervp and @twiggyleaf ?

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Current Active Games: Planejammer: Catch My Drift! (Starfinder)  | Planejammer: The Spelljoined (Pathfinder 1e) Campaign of the Year 2011 | Planejammer: Beyond The Sky (Pathfinder 1e)


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