Provide specific player with access to edit specifc Wiki page

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I'm hoping I can provide one specific player with access to edit a specific Wiki page.

I current use CSS to block editing abilities for all my players.

/* Remove player's ability to edit wiki pages */
.campaign-member .icon-edit {display:none}
.campaign-game-master .icon-edit {display:inline}

There is one page on my Wiki that I want to give a specific player access to edit. This is to help me out manage information on a sheet that will be used during the campaign.

I don't want to give this player GM permission, as it may give him spoiler information on other pages.


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  • ragnarhawk
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    Hi Krothos,

    You know that this does not actually remove the ability to edit the pages, it just removes the link...  To edit you are actually calling a slightly different URL.  Instead of, you are calling  You could put a link to that in the Player Secrets on the page in question, and that would give that player (and any others that shared that secret) a link to edit

  • Krothos
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    Good suggestion! Thank you.


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