Is soundcloud integration broken?


It's been on-again, off-again. Many of my favorite journal posts have soundcloud oembed links (which I've confirmed still go to valid soundcloud pages) but nothing appears on the page.

Has the method changed?



  • noma4i
    Posts: 1

    Hey! Could you give me example page? Im looking to fix that

  • thaen
    Posts: 324

    Hey @TheOldSchoolDM, thanks for posting this.

    On that page, I only see one that's not working which is right after "Charlie Continues:"

    The url it's pointing at is

    Going there says "This track was not found."

    It did seem like some of the soundcloud players on the page took a little bit to load, but they did eventually load.  Are you seeing any others on that page that are not showing?


    Obsidian Portal Developer

  • TheOldSchoolDM
    Posts: 19

    I found the problem. I have the Privacy Badger plugin in chrome, and it does NOT trust SoundCloud at all.

    I disabled it for this site, and the integration is working again. I'm sorry for the false alarm. But now this is here for other people to find!

    I also removed the dead sound link you found. Thanks!


  • thaen
    Posts: 324


    No worries at all.  Yeah, thanks for reporting back about Privacy Badger.

    Happy to!

    Obsidian Portal Developer

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