LFG dresden files rpg, valparaiso, in or online


new player, dresdenphile, wanting to learn how to tabletop, either online or in person. any version of the dresden rpg, fate or accelerated, dont care (dont really know either other than watching youtube)


  • ragnarhawk
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    Hi kjspool,

    Welcome to Obsidian Portal and roleplaying.

    I have played a couple of sessions of Dresden using Fate Accelerated (DFRPG), and enjoyed it, but our campaign is currently neither public nor active.

    There are some excellent campaigns in Obsidian Portal to get Dresden inspiration.  In our campaign we borrowed some ideas from HumAnnoyd's Emerald City (campaign of the month in 2012) - he also has a sequel to that campaign, and his profile has a link to wolfhound's Dresden Files Dallas.

    If you go to the campaign search pages and search for Fate RPG, there are several Dresden Files games there, and mistaya's Dresden Files Nawlins was a Campaign of the Month winner back in 2017.

    Again, welcome, and I hope that you can find a group soon

  • ragnarhawk
    Posts: 168

    Oh, for playing online, my group uses Roll20.

    Here is a community group that is on Roll20 for Fate RPG variants:  https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/72213/fate-corps

  • Keryth987
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    Shadows Over New York, which is now in my 4th campaign in the setting and is a Campaign of the YEAR on here, is now running on ROll20 with our current disallowed to meet in person situation. I'd have to check with my players if we wanted to take on another permanently Virtual player though, as we will eb going back to playing in person when this Quarantine is over.


  • ragnarhawk
    Posts: 168

    My apologies for forgetting your campaign Keryth.  I remember seeing it, but did not remember it when I posted.  It is a very impressive site, and deserving of its recognition

  • HumAnnoyd
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    Thanks for the shout out Ragnarhawk! Our current DFA campaign can be seen here. I am in the middle of giving it a face lift so if you have any suggestions please drop me a line or use the comments section for the site. Thanks and good hunting!

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