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Does anyone have a css style sheet that will widen the entire structure of the campaign website?  All pages, text areas, the width between the navigation links and players, etc.


  • Kallak
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    Hi @Volksturm, you'll probably want to adjust things to suit your personal tastes, but the below snippet should be enough to get you started. In essence, it widens the overall page content from the default of 1024px to 1200px and then adjusts the percentages of the width taken up by the 3 columns, and shrinks the padding 'margin' values down a little bit to save some additional space.

    .campaign-public-layout #content {width:1200px;}
    .collapsable-nav-row .front-nav-container {width: 15%;padding: 0 0.5em}
    .collapsable-nav-row .main-content-container {width: 68%;padding: 0 0.5em}
    .collapsable-nav-row #sidebar {width: 17%;padding: 0 0.5em}


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