How Do You Get Your Gaming Fix in Between Game Sessions?

We've all been there - waiting for the next game session and itching to either play or run. What do you do to fill the existential void that only table top gaming can fill? Practice your dice-flinging? Create a small army of ready-to-play characters? Cardboard table terrain? It's time to reach out and support each other (by staying home) with ideas to get us through until game-time can resume! Let us know what you think!


  • twiggyleaf
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    Well, I find I always have more work to do in preparing the next stage of my campaign.  Sometimes it seems like a bit of a chore, but I try and make myself devote some time to it now and again.  Sometimes I just browse through existing stuff and add or refine details.  With the new onset of social distancing and, with our tabletop gaming having now stopped for a while, I am considering running a Play by Post game for us on the Campaign Site Forums.


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  • Jynx001
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    I tinker with custom, homebrew rules sets and game systems. There's a stack of notebooks sitting in the office full of statistics on dice rolling, idea lists, and sample combats. I find the mechanics just as fun as the setting and I'm always looking for elegant solutions to imaginative simulation.

    When my in-person group is allowed to meet again, I intend to alpha-test one of them. If it's not completely broken, I may post the rules here and see if anybody on the forums wants to help beta-test.

  • thaen
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    As I said elsewhere, I can heartily recommend the Play By Post game idea.  It offers the opportunity to "always be gaming" since you can post "disconnected" and don't have to all be online at the same time.

    Also, this isn't quite "gaming", but it often kind of scratches the "itch" for me to read LitRPG books.  I've really enjoyed The Land series by Aleron Kong and also the Divine Dungeon series by Dakota Krout.


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  • Conan_Lybarian
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    I tend to fill in game blanks. I post some random world filler, create new items or NPCs, or put up random questions and content in the campaign forum. If I'm not working on filling Arnëa, then I'm usually reading thru books of different systems or settings to skim ideas. I'm right up there with a lot of people in considering a play by post campaign with one of these systems I'd lie to experiment with. Usually, the thought ends there though, and I get a few pages through writing out some new campaign idea that won't see the light of day...The Bones Of Pelor in my profile for example.... :-(

  • Dungeon_Master_Loki
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    Those are the times when I write for my publishers! 

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  • Keryth987
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    My gaming group meets weekly, so never really an issue.

  • JaymesBolton
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    As a GM prep for game. There is always something that can be tinkered with, planned ahead or random "shower idea" written out and detailed. 

  • Jynx001
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    @JaymesBolton - I love those "shower ideas." Whoever is beaming them into my brain at odd hours of distraction is very clever.

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