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So I have a two  players (a couple) who might be moving away soon. We want to keep playing with them and were looking for what online play options are the best now. We have played remotely before for 3 years (over Skype) but that was over a decade ago and was hoping better options exist today. 

The game is D&D 3.5 and will be area map heavy so need something that allows them to see, move, etc their characters during combat. 

Thank you all for any assistance!


  • gastoff
    Posts: 72

    Plenty of different virtual tabletop options out there depending on your gaming style, needs, and budget. Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds are both popular options that offer similar gaming tools for the DM and PCs. Tabletop Simulator is another virtual tabletop option that attempts to replicate the "real" 3D gaming experience.

    Here is an article that goes into these three options in more detail: 


  • ragnarhawk
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    I am in a couple of groups that have been enjoying Roll20 for our games for a few years now.  We use Discord for our voice chat since there had been stability issues with the voice chat in Roll20 when we started.  I have heard that there have been improvements, but we are happy with Discord

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