Spelljammer System Building


I have made a page with guidelines for building random or customer star systems for Spelljammer and am wanting to get feedback from others on how easy/difficult it is to use.  Any tips or ideas for making it work better would be appreciated.  I am mostly trying to get outside feedback on what works and doesn't before taking a solid editing pass through at the concept.


If you want to check it out and give feedback the System Building rules I have created are here..




  • Conan_Lybarian
    Posts: 165

    So I've looked over this a few times. Spelljammer has always been one of my favorite systems, and I LOVE this. There's a lot here, but I think that it's pretty well put together. I'm going to be using it to put together some stuff for my much neglected Star Breaker campaign soon, and I'll let you know what feels solid and whet we find could use some tweaking!

  • Jynx001
    Posts: 33

    Outstanding system-building mechanics, here. Well done! And, you could easily adapt these to any kind of spacefaring exploration game. I think you covered just about everything there is to cover for random generation down to the world level.

    Is a mini black hole or singularity a possibility for a Primary Body? I suppose you could make one a "wind" type if you wanted.

    Very impressive and comprehensive work! You should consider publishing on DriveThruRPG.

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