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I hear from my GM that OP is looking for ways to engage the player and obtain players' perspectives. How about a character of the month? GMs could nominate their players. 


  • GamingMegaverse
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    Just trying to help out.

  • Optimus_Babe
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    I think it would be cool to reward players who build their characters, regardless of the "game." D&d can be GM centric. As a player we need to own wanting more. Wanting a presence within the game. wanting a stake.

  • cgregory
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    D&D is only as DM centric as you want to make it. I've done campaigns where the players write up their ideas for side quests or even items they thing would be cool. I simply modify those ideas with additional complications that make it fit in with the overarching campaign better.

    One player wanted a pseudo-dragon familiar that was also a figurine of wondrous power. I added it to the campaign, but added the complication that it had escaped from a dragon planning on using it as a phylactery in its plan to become a dracolich. Since the campaign involved a powerful dragon later on, it was an easy way of including player wants with eventual story arcs.

    In another case, the player wanted to have a family feud between his paladin and his sister the cleric. It was a simple matter of adding or replacing a villain in a couple of side quests and one main quest.

    If players want more of a presence within the game it comes down to communicating with the DM. Talk to your DM about what you'd like to see in the campaign whether it is story arcs, items, spells or whatever. In a number of campaigns, I've invited my players to run a couple of side quest adventures so that they can add to the campaign in their own way, plus it has been a great way for players to gain confidence in GMing without having to run an entire campaign. Currently 4 out of our 5 players GM games.

    They are among us!


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  • Kallak
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    Updates and/or features that enhance player engagement with the site are absolutely something we'd like to pursue. Any and all ideas are welcome in this area for consideration.

    All the best,
    - Kallak
  • weasel0
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    Replicating some of ability to section off players into groups/thread permissions would be great. I'm particularly found of the languages feature. Anyone in that language group can read text bracketed with that group's tag. If you are not part of the group you see randomly generated gibberish.

    The player secret areas on wiki pages we have now are great but in-line ability such as the above would also be nice. So say a message spell in dnd could be sent to a player in a post and only that player could see it or they can read extra text on a scroll that no one else can see but they are all reading the same post.

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