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What are the chances of a map maker or editor as the current map system is fairly old and is feeling very dated.


  • Kallak
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    Things are not at a point where I could give a definitive timetable on things as of yet, but it's definitely something that's on our radar.

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  • Abersade
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    In the meantime you may want to check out Inkarnate ( It's fairly easy to use and looks great, example map below:

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  • NimrodYanai
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    While I would love that, I think a map maker is quite a huge thing to make...

    BUT how about integrating existing map makers like incarnate to Obsidian Portal? You can use an API to import maps from existing accounts, so the maps will always be up to date (taken on the spot from the map maker sites) and you can save space on uploading files, AND maybe get rid of the terribly limiting size restrictions, which make it impossible to upload large, detailed maps.

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  • thaen
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    @NimrodYanai, integrating is definitely a possibility.


    Can you elaborate...


    and you can save space on uploading files

    Have you hit the 10GB space limit for Ascendant GMs?  Or are you getting close to that limit?


    AND maybe get rid of the terribly limiting size restrictions, which make it impossible to upload large, detailed maps.

    How big are the maps you're wanting to upload?

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  • weasel0
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    The zoom levels on maps I found useless and gave up on using them upon implementation. That is very restrictive to "size." I feel I should be able to go from a 100^2miles to street level of 10-20 feet. One nation or a number of 1 day ride city/states municipalities drilled down to just before "Street View."

    Great Britain may be too large at 80k^2 miles but is a fairly represented European size of land area but is also three nations whereas other nations are the size of the whole island. Much fantasy has the medieval Europe feel and therefore I feel it representative of the argument.

    Otherwise the maps feature is useless and might as well just be static images loaded into the media locker to be hard coded and looked at as a real life map on paper would be.(A bit hyperbolic there but trying to make the point.)

    I tried working with it. Drop a pin and put a link on the pin to another map that's a zoomed portrayal of the area.

    But that's just a workaround. I shouldn't need to nest maps with links if I have zoom levels.

    So either 10 maps per campaign is too restrictive(this is supposed to a repository for entire campaigns right?) or the dimensional sizes and zoom levels for the maps is too restrictive. Possibly both.

    An api to elsewhere would alleviate both of those.


    ps- as an aside, is my memory failing or can those from the reforging confirm or deny about it originally being storage of 10gb per campaign that was altered to per account with the argument of cost per campaign being ungodly to try and guess actual usage and/or allocate guaranteed space for?

  • thaen
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    Thanks for that "representative argument" and explanation.  That's really helpful to clarify what the possible options/alternatives/solutions are here.

    I don't know what the original reason for limiting to 10 maps per campaign was, but on the face "10" seems arbitrary, so we can do some research and see if there's some reason we can't increase that number.

    I just checked the database, and the most that any GM has used across all of their campaigns is less than 3.6GB.  Most campaigns use much less space.  So the 10GB of space per Ascendant GM seems like it's more than enough space (more than twice as much as anyone has ever used so far), and also makes sure that we don't promise something we can't deliver (unlimited space due to an unlimited number of campaigns per Ascendant GM).


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  • GamingMegaverse
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    Just FYI @thaen there were 2 campaigns that went over the 10GB of space in the past- one was A God...Rebuilt

    @Weasel0 was correct, the change during the Reforge was to 10GB per account- but while they had said there was a 10GB limit per campaign pre-Reforge there had been no actual limit, so this was a problem- but as I said, only an issue for 2 of us.

    I agree with @thaen though, 10GB is a lot of space, and is more than enough for the vast majority of campaigns- and is a fine limit.

    Just trying to help out.

  • weasel0
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    killervp to Gaming Megaverse

    Okay, the Reforge was bad enough and now you do this to us??!

  • GamingMegaverse
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    That is me trying to match up with all the social media accounts....

    Just trying to help out.

  • twiggyleaf
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    You "Multi-Media Megalomaniac", you...


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