Order of the Ninefold / Grand Temple of Io


When Io first birthed his children, there was peace between them; his Order is tasked with returning dragonkind to that original harmonious state.

The Order of the Ninefold is dedicated to bringing glory to Io: the Ninefold Dragon, Creator of Dragonkind, Lord of the Gods.The primary function of the Order's draconic temples is to promote harmony and peace between all dragons and dragonkin, regarless of their alignment. The temples are a refuge that are accepting of all dragonkin and they actively seek to unite dragons from all paths in life.

Attempting to mesh countless generations of diversty and opposing ideology is difficult and frequently creates hostility or opposition among the different dragon types. The dragonic clerics dedicated to the Order are often excellent mediators and spend much of their time quelling arguments and calming members down when they do not see eye to eye with one another.


The heart of the Order of the Ninefold is the Grand Temple of Io, a massive monolithic structure built in Western Oerik atop Mount Ahmut, the higest peak of the Naresh Mountains. Also referred to as Allfather's Scale, the House of Nine, or simply The Mount, the Grand Temple is the terminus for pilgrimages undertaken by dragonkin who wish to pay their respects to Io.

The temple is colossal: spacious enough to comfortably house thousands of great wyrm dragons all under a single domed roof. It is rumored that the structure was carved from a single scale that was shed from Io himself. This rumor is supported by the fact that the temple's domes, walls, and pillars are made from an unknown, seemless material that continually shifts through a myriad of hues similar to both chromatic and metallic dragons.

The Temple is headed by Quoros, a Master Disciple of Io. A silver dragon of unknown age who long ago dedicated his life to Io's cause, Quoros is a masterful negotiator, mediator, and mentor. He does not tolerate haughty dragons who are unwilling to pay tribute to the Creator or who are disrespectful. He ensures that when inside the holly temple, all tempers are snuffed, thoughts are harmonious, and all eyes focus on Io's greatness.



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    This is great. It feels really rich and perfectly cut out to drop into almost any campaign as common/special lore!

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    I second Conan's comment- really cool and easy to drop in to many systems.

    Just trying to help out.

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    I agree with both comments above.

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