An open letter to Mr. 303 and friends

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We've all seen some OP doubting discussions popping up lately. And while we all have been skeptical about the posts, a lot of us have been cordial and open when highlighting the great qualities of OP. Even the most dedicated users here have had beef in the past, and even want to see changes and progress NOW. But @Kallak and OP have been stepping up to deliver the platform we've been promised in the past, and are seeing the growth of NOW.

Mr. (Random Name) 303, you are not here to foster discussion, thought sharing, or anything positive. Whatever your issues or concerns are may well be founded. No one will fault you for having gripes. But if you really want to see change, if you really want to foster conversation, there is a better way to do it than simply going on Reddit and finding what you can to "throw shade" on OP

There are more of these as well if anyone wants to waste literally a few minutes Googling "Reddit Obsidian Portal"

My point is this. We are an open community of like minded gamers. We are here on the forums to specifically share ideas about the platform we care about. If you want to talk, let's talk. If you want to gripe, let's hash it out. Trolling simply for the sake of trolling does nothing but make people feel frustrated and unwelcoming. 

Mr. 303, we appreciate feedback. We appreciate any feelings expressed. You are already are here posting. All we ask is that you post a REAL discussion that we can participate in as a community. 

Maybe I'm alone in welcoming you 303, but I hope this does SOMETHING to get your attention and help you feel like you can be open and honest with us.


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  • Kallak
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    I would hope that people know that they can always discuss anything OP related with me as well. But if not, let me say it directly here. No matter if it's a gripe, feedback, feature ideas, bug reports, or just talking about a campaign, I'm here to listen.

    All the best,
    - Kallak

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